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Water Ethics Network

The Water Ethics Network facilitates sharing of experience, ideas and information about events and activities relating to water ethics. The aim is to bring water ethics into everyday discourse of water policies and management decisions so that choices about water use and water ecosystem management are consciously informed by values.

International Water Law Project

The mission of the International Water Law Project (IWLP) is to serve as the premier resource on the Internet for international water law and policy issues. Its purpose is to educate and provide relevant resources to the public and to facilitate cooperation over the world’s fresh water resources.

Decolonizing Water

Research program working to create a prototype of an Indigenous-led community-based water monitoring initiative that is rooted in Indigenous laws, and is a practical expression of Indigenous water governance.

Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network (WEPGN) 

The Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network (WEPGN) brings together researchers and partners to share ideas, identify challenges, and develop new knowledge to improve the management of water resources in Canada and abroad.

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